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What places are available for check-ins on Flok?

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you can start checking in at a ton of local bars, restaurants, coffee shops, music venues, parks, festivals, conventions, and events stores near you – anywhere you’d like to meet people!

Is Flok a dating app?

Flok allows you to meet new casual acquaintances and network at events. We want you to make genuine connections in real-life. Whatever your experiences turn into after Flok is up to you!

Is there an option to video-chat before meeting a connection?

Not with Flok. We’re about real-life, in-person interactions that lead to meaningful relationships. This is why we don’t enable video chatting or extensive online messaging. We cut to the chase so you get more of the connection you’re craving.

Does Flok have a live-chat support feature?

Not yet! Want to offer a suggestion? You can send us a message and let us know what you’d like to see more of.

Is Flok good for dating?

Flok is so much more than a dating app. Flok is here to help you foster genuine connections with real-life people at your location in real time.

Is Flok good for meeting friends?

Yes! Meet new friends using the Flok app. Start by checking in at your location to meet other people in the same spot as you. Get out there and meet those flokers!

Do I have to pay for Flok?

Nope. We believe connection should be free and the user. Flok does have paid solutions for businesses. For more info visit our Flok for Business page.

How is Flok different from other social meet-up apps?

Flok gives users a chance to cultivate meaningful, in-person connections in real time. Tons of apps let you chat for hours but nothing comes of it. That’s where Flok comes in. Think social networking, but meeting instantly.

What if there aren't a lot of connections in my area?

That’s okay! We believe that connection has to start somewhere. Because Flok is a new app, people might just be finding out about us. Tell your friends about Flok and tell everyone to start checking in today!

Where can I go to make a connection?

You can check in most bars and restaurants with Flok. Our app enables you to check in anywhere and anytime you’re ready to connect, at a festival, at a networking event, or event at the gym! We’re always adding new locations, so if you aren’t able to check in at a location currently, chances are you will be soon!

How is Flok different from apps like Meetup?

Great question. Flok is a social networking app that does things a little differently. Instead of meaningless messaging, we value in-person interactions that turn into meaningful relationships. MeetUp offers one-time gatherings, and Flok offers continual one-on-one connection.

Features & Functionality

How many times a day can I check-in?

There is no limit to how often you check in! Check in as often as you’d like and as often as you’re ready to make a connection.

How long are missed connections available for viewing?

You can view your Missed Connections for only 48 hours after you’ve left a location. Act fast if you’re ready to connect!

What is the timer feature about?

The timer starts automatically at the beginning of your connection. It gives you an easy out of an interaction you’re just not feeling. We’ve all been there. The allotted 22 minutes allows enough time to have a meaningful connection, then it’s up to you to exchange information. Otherwise, you get checked back in to continue floking with new people.

How do I check-in to a location?

Check in when you’re ready to connect! If you’re at a restaurant, networking event, music show, bar, coffee shop, or book store just click “Check In” to make some connections.

How do I discover my missed connections?

The Missed Connection feature lets you discover users who were at the same location as you, at the same time, who you didn’t connect with. If you know you’re not going to be able to connect with anyone while you’re at a location, you can always check in and out, then check your “Missed Connections” later. It’s located just next to your direct messages.

How do I enable the Bird's-Eye-View?

Bird’s-Eye-View is the default view users are presented with when loading up the Flok app. You can utilize this feature when you want to discover some hot spots in your location – you’ll see how many users are checked-in to locations near you.

How do I use the map feature?

Bird’s-Eye-View is a map feature that lets you know how many people are checked in at a location. Simply click on the center map icon to scope out your area and get a glimpse at the number of people at your location, and surrounding local spots.

I've checked-in; now what?

Let the connections begin! Once you’ve checked in, other users will be able to see your profile picture at your location, and users at the same location as you can see your profile and request to connect. Once you’ve checked in, you can meet other Flokers in your local spot!

What if I want to end a chat/ meeting with a connection?

Not feeling a connection? Totally fine. This is where the automatic timer feature comes in handy. You can get out of your current interaction by waiting for the timer to expire, putting a gentle end to a chat or meeting. You can also either cancel the request, block & report, or politely walk away if you’re looking for a quicker end.

How long can I stay checked-in at a location?

Stay checked in for as long as you’d like! If you’re feeling someone’s vibe, you can checkout to let people know you’re no longer available. If you’re curious to explore more connections, stay checked in!

If l'm already floking with someone, can others see me?

Other users will be able to see a grayed-out version of your profile picture, indicating you’re currently engaged in another connection. When that chat ends, or your connection concludes, you’ll be visible and able to connect with others.


How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go. Go to Profile -> Delete Account -> Yes. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Contact us here

How do I edit my profile?

Editing your profile is easy! Simply go to Profile -> Edit. You can change your About Me description, profile photo, and more.

How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, go to Profile -> Edit -> and look for the camera icon on your current picture and choose the image you want.

Privacy & Data

What does Flok do with my data?

Flok deeply values the privacy of our users. Flok never shares or solicits your data; we only use what you provide to maximize opportunities for genuine in-person connection. So, you’ll never have to worry about your information going places you don’t want it to go!

How do I go offline after being checked-In?

Maybe you’ve found a connection you like and want to keep talking. Or perhaps you’re done with socialization for the night. Good thing you never have to stay checked in past your peak. Simply check out to remove the ability for other users to connect with you.

Does Flok track my location even when I'm not using it?

To prevent Flok from tracking your location while you’re off the app, go to your phone’s Settings and head to the Flok app. Click Location and enable “Only While Using.”

How can I preview who is actively using Flok?

Our Bird’s-Eye-View feature allows you to see how many active users are at your local spot and surrounding locations. You’ll need to check in at a location to see who those users are.

Social Interactions

How do I meet people at a Flok Spot?

Making connections has never been easier. Start by checking into the location you’re at, letting people know you’re available to connect! Or, you can check out the Bird’s-Eye-View and preview who’s at locations nearby.

How will Flok help me meet new people?

Flok is social networking done differently – we’ve cut out the middleman. In this case, the middleman is messaging. Meet people faster and in real-time, instead of weeks of online messaging only to be ghosted.

How do I follow up with a connection?

Awesome! You’ve found someone you vibe with; now what? If you’d like to meet again, shoot your shot and exchange information. You can hang out or schedule another meet-up!

I've checked in at a location, and no one is here. What should I do?

If no one is at your location, give it some time. You can even check your Missed Connections after you’ve left the area to see who you missed! Sometimes a few minutes makes all the difference.


How do I install Flok app?

Visit your phone’s App Store or Google Play Store to download our app.

How do I report when something is not working as expected?

If something isn’t working, feel free to contact us here

Where do I go for technical issues?

As we get our bugs sorted out, we appreciate your patience. Our Support page is here when you need help reporting a technical issue.