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Connecting People Where They Already Are

Flok is a revolutionary networking and friendship app that connects people with similar interests and goals, wherever they are. Whether at a conference, music festival, or local coffee shop, Flok uses Geo-location technology to help users instantly meet like-minded individuals in the same venue or event, providing a seamless and safe platform for real-life connections.

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Our Mission

to help people form meaningful connections by leveraging the power of technology to facilitate real-life interactions

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Our Values



We believe in being open and honest with our users about how we operate and faciliate in-person connection.



We prioritize the safety of our users by implementing robust security measures and ensuring a respectful community.



We are dedicated to fostering genuine connections that enhance both personal and professional lives.

A word from our CEO

Meet Jessica Wallace

Jessica Wallace

A word from our CEO

Meet Jessica Wallace

The initial idea for Flok came about during the post-COVID era when social interactions were in a state of flux. As people began to venture out again, there was an abundance of meetup apps aimed at fostering connections. However, I noticed a disconnect. Friends and strangers alike were often glued to their phones, swiping on matching apps, yet not engaging with the people right in front of them.

I realized we needed a venue-based solution—an app that would allow users to see who was available to connect at the same location. This concept was born out of the desire to bridge the gap between digital and real-life interactions, making it easier for people to meet up in person.

During networking events, the same issue was evident. Traditional methods like name tags and sign-in sheets felt outdated and inefficient. I envisioned a unified platform where everyone could connect seamlessly, making networking more effective and enjoyable. This vision led to the creation of Flok, designed to bring people together wherever they are, with just a few taps.

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