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Do networking events leave you feeling lost? Our filtering and goal setting features ensures you’re connecting with the right people from the start. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to meaningful connections.

Features You’ll Love

Setting Your Preferences

We empower you to set your goals and input your interests. When networking, you can filter for specific types of connections, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and tailored to your needs.

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Checking In

When you’re ready to Flok, browse through our list of Flok Spots and see how many people are checked in. Once you’re within 100m of the venue, simply check-in and connect with fellow Flokers in real-time, in real life.

Making Connections

Once you’ve utilized your filters to find individuals who share your goals and interests, you can send them a connection request. If approved, you’ll be connected to coordinate a convenient meeting point where you both already are.

Connected on Flok
missed connections with search

Missed Connections

With missed connections you can see who you missed at the locations you visited over the last 48 hours and you can even send them requests. You’ll have to be quick, after 48 hours their profile will disappear.

Your Safety with Flok

Your Exact Location is Always Private

You can’t see or be seen until you’re 100m of the venue AND you’ve checked-in. Other Flokers that are too far away, can only see the venue and number of checked-in attendees, keeping your exact location private.

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Maintaining a Safe Community

You can disconnect, block, and report anyone who makes you uncomfortable. Need help?

flokspot safety

“As a soon to be college grad, Flok takes a lot of pressure off of networking. It can be scary to walk into a crowded room, but I no longer need to stress!”


“I can’t wait to be able to check-in and really dive into it. I travel a lot and go to some pretty great places”


“I would highly recommend checking in at every future event!”


A Sample Of Our Partners

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Flok for Business

Become a Flok Spot! Attract more traffic and connection at your business or events. Whether you are a coffee shop, co-working space, or corporate conference become a social hub in your community with Flok.

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