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Grow your professional and personal network. Make real-time and intentional connections wherever you are.

Check in with Flok and say goodbye to excessive planning, no-shows, ghosting, and catfishing.

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Flok for Networking

Flok for Networking

Networking has never been easier. Say goodbye to daunting events and conferences. Just set your goals, check-in, and connect with the right person effortlessly.

Flok for friendship

Flok for Friendships

Making friends made simple with Flok. Just set your goals, check-in, and meet up wherever you already are. Whether it’s at festivals, around town, or on campus.

Flok Spots and Map

Flok for Business

Become a Flok Spot! Attract more traffic and connection at your business or events. Whether you are a coffee shop, co-working space, or corporate conference become a social hub in your community with Flok.

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Your Safety with Flok

Your Exact Location is Always Private

You can’t see or be seen until you’re 100m of the venue AND you’ve checked-in. Other Flokers that are too far away, can only see the venue and number of checked-in attendees, keeping your exact location private.

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Maintaining a Safe Community

You can disconnect, block, and report anyone who makes you uncomfortable. Need help?

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